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"At the forefront of science and technology forequine sports medicine & rehabilitation"

Virginia Equine Rehabilitation & Performance Center

We are incredibly excited to be at the forefront of science and technology for equine sports medicine & rehabilitation to create objective and research-based rehab and performance plans for all our equine athletes!
Equine rehabilitation remains an emerging science revealing extraordinary benefits for horses of all levels. We are committed to collaborating with our colleagues and becoming a part of the advancement and learning of the science of equine rehabilitation and performance medicine. We are dedicated to constant learning and development of new modalities to provide the most non-invasive and scientifically founded programs to keep our equine athletes sound and ready to perform.

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I’m so grateful to Dr Stephanie Davis and her excellent team at Virginia Equine Rehabilitation and Performance Center. My dressage pony, Zane, came to them after 15 days at EMC for an infected hock joint and bone infection. The care he got there was superlative. Dr Davis was never too busy to update me and to discuss his care with me or with his regular vet. I was so impressed with the rehabilitation strategy that she developed in conjunction with my vet and the vets at EMC and the thought and attention to detail that went into tailoring it specifically for his needs (and the research needed to accommodate a 14.2h pony with equipment designed for larger equines). I was very impressed with the range of therapies that were available as needed. During his 6 week stay, Zane always looked happy and content and was always immaculately groomed and I always felt very welcomed when I visited. The care he received was instrumental to the remarkable progress he has made thus far. I highly recommend Virginia Equine Rehabilitation and Performance Center.